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Ms. Ummuabiha Karim

Co-lead of the communications team


Ummuabiha Karim is a budding scientist pursuing an Honours program in Manipal School of Life Sciences under the department of Ageing Research, working on the epigenetics of Type 2 diabetes. She has been the co-lead of the communications team for THGO for a year and enjoys taking up leadership roles such as her previous role as the general secretary of The Student Council at her university. 

Apart from research, Ummuabiha is passionate about mental health, neuroscience and intergenerational trauma and is a firm believer that having a sound mental health is the first step to living a fruitful life. She is also enthusiastic about educating young girls because she believes that education is a way to break free of the shackles of society. 

She enjoys planning events and coordinating activities and is always looking for an opportunity to learn and grow.

In her free time, Ummuabiha loves to read books, do art specifically modern calligraphy, write and read poetry and try out new restaurants.

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