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Objectives of
the Society

Research in human genetics

Bringing together scientists working on human genetics and related disciplines in Tanzania into a network to expand research in human genetics.

Increasing Awareness

Increasing awareness of human genetics and genomic research in Tanzania and promoting the development of effective public policy in the field.

Knowledge Translation

Promoting the translation of genetic knowledge into clinical practice throughout Tanzania.


Integrating the work of the Tanzanian Human Genetics Organization with the activities of other related societies and networks with similar mission and vision in Tanzania.

Genomic Technologies

Promoting access to relevant genomic technologies and ethical conduct in human genetics research in Tanzania.

Capacity Building

Increasing avenues of research collaboration with relevant stakeholders and promoting human capacity building in human genetics in Tanzania.

Excellence in Human Genetics

Establishing centers of excellence in human genomic sciences in Tanzania.

Genetic Diseases

Enhancing national, regional and international collaborations for early detection, prevention and management of genetic diseases affecting the human body.


Training of Tanzanian researchers and clinical geneticists in the promotion of control and management of different human genetic conditions.

Meet Our Team

The Executive Committee
Dr. Siana Nkyaa (BSc, MSc, PhD)
Interim President, THGO
Dr. Kilaza Samson
Vice President, THGO
Dr. Mohamed Zahir Alimohamed (BSc, MSc, PhD)
General secretary, THGO
Ms. Grantina Modern
Deputy general secretary, THGO
Dr. Aneth David (BSc, MSc, PhD)
Treasurer, THGO

THGO Communications Team
Ms. Ummuabiha Karim
Co-lead of the communications team
Ms. Glorian Nnko
Co- lead communication team, THGO
Dr. Martha Reuben Magili (M.D)
Member of the communication team THGO
Mr. Msolo Credo Dominick
Member of the communication team THGO
Ms. Zainab Mmanywa
Member of the communication team THGO
Mr. Michael Leonard
Member of the communication team THGO
Mr. Jackson Mluge
Member of the communication team THGO
Mr. Kabuche Nicolous Kanizi
Member of the communication team THGO

THGO Events Team
Ms. Annagrace Malamsha
Co-Lead Events team & Graphics designer, THGO
Ms. Sabra Hussein
Co-Lead Events team, THGO
Mr. Wencheslaus William (BSc)
Program and Events Team, THGO
Dr. Anwar Adam
Events team member, THGO
Sickle Cell Centre
1 Kipalapala street
Dar es salaam, Tanzania
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